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(2pc) Non-Slip Pedal Auto Car
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Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 16 cm x 2 cm
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  • 1. If the pedal is still loose after installation, please check and reinstall.
  • 2. If the foot hangs on the carpet or touches the wall, it may cause the pedal to lose its effect and be bounced back. At this time, the screw should be loosened to move the pedal.
  • 3, between the pedals and the side wall, to maintain a space of not less than 5mm, so that the pedals work freely, to avoid danger
  • 4. Do not operate until the car is stopped and completely turned off.Most models are suitable, except for a few models with customer.
  • 5. Feedback: such as Great Wall Hover H3 / Cruze automatic / Mazda three automatic / Jing Rui / Golf / Gore / Geely Emgrand automatic / new Sail automatic file 05 Sunshine can not be installed properly.Customers of this model should not buy.

1, High-quality high-quality aluminum alloy is made

2,fine workmanship, individual design and light and beautiful

3, the block design and texture on the pedal can play a good anti-slip effect, more safe and reliable.

4, the installation is simple and convenient, no need to drill holes in the original pedal.

5, DIY's personalized style design is avant-garde;

6,Increase pedal area for enhanced handling

7,Each foot pedal is equipped with a fixed screw, which is easy to install by yourself.

8,High-quality aluminum alloy + non-slip granules, new design, make your pedals more controllable, add a safe and beautiful to the driving,so that you can control the pedal more easily, and the car is easier.

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1 x (2pc) Non-Slip Pedal Auto Car