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  • Materials: Natural Microfiber Material, Rapidly Absorb Water, The Best Essentials For Baths, Swimming And Spas .
  • Soft Touch: Contact The Skin Naturally, Comfortable, Soft. Men, Women And Children Are Applicable.
  • Multi Color Optional: 12 Color Optional, Different Colors, Make Your Life More Colorful.
  • Exquisite Workmanship: Hem By Fine thread And Needle, Beautiful And Durability, First-class Quality.
  • High quality,water leaking,slip-resistant,soft,customized pattern printing,foot massage
  • Suited to hotel, Beauty salon, pedicure center, Hygienic application & Daily use etc.
  • White Pure Cotton towel 100% absorve water Hotel Egyption King Super Higt Quality Tuala Putih Serp air dibuat dari kapas asli
  • 100% Cotton
  • Towels that actually work! We offer the highest and most cotton dense towel available for a super soft and ultra absorbent towel!
  • Features a classic and versatile design. Great for several different uses!
  • Perfect daily use towel - Made with fine double stitched hemming. Durable and heavy duty!
  • Luxury Plush - Made with superior combed cotton and low twist yarn for a super soft luxury plush towel!
  • High quality material and extra long size:The suction cups design of the bath mat not only has the function of skid resistance, but also giving you gently massages (comfort for sitting or standing)

  • No-slip Bottom and Health Care:Made of eco-friendly PVC material, BPA Free, Non-Toxic, Phthalate free, Latex Free, perfect bath mat or shower mat to fit standard sized tubs, Much longer than a standard bath mat

  • Perfect Design:There is a arc-shaped gap on the edge, and a big drain holes in the middle, help prevent water buildup, drainage is faster, make your tub clean and mat durable to use

  • Widely Used: Bathtub, toilet, swimming pool, home, office, hotel, school etc. The mat has a non-slip surface and is easy to remove and reposition for flexibility

  • Good Application: Great bath mat, stays put, no sliding, no floating while filling the tub, everyone deserve this to make your bathing safe and confortable

  • *No batteries required
  • *No power supply
  • *One-touch automaticly squeeze appropriate amount of toothpaste

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  • *Can mostly hand up five toothbrushes
  • *Come with a attached adhesive pad to facilitate the use of adsorption of the different walls
  • *Material: Plastic
  • *Weight:250g
  • *No batteries required;
  • *One-touch automatically squeeze appropriate amount of toothpaste;
  • *Vacuum technology Pump out last drop of toothpaste to avoids waste of toothpaste.
  • Made of quality alloy and enamel
  • Non-stick formula for easy cleaning
  • Smoke-Free design perfect for Korean BBQ at home
  • Comes with a draining tray to collect excess oil and fat
  • Weight: 0.75kg
  • Enamel Plate: 32cm
  • Alloy Tray: 25cm

UKURAN : 36cm x 24.5cm x 16cm 

BERAT : 200Gram 

  • Material: Waterproof Canvas
  • Color: Black, Dark Blue, Maroon, Green, Yellow, Grey, Pink, Black/Grey
  • Bag Size: Approx 27 x 38cm
  • Style: Laptop Backpack
  • Open/close type: Zipper
  • Materials: Waterproof Nylon Fabric
  • Dimensions: L 38 x 11 x 28cm
  • Closing : Zipped and snap
  • closure Strap : Adjustable
  • Opening method: zipper
  • Material: Canvas
  • Function: wear-resistant, seismic
  • Lining texture: polyester cotton


  • Material: Waterproof Canvas
  • Color: Black, Dark Blue, Maroon, Green, Yellow, Grey, Pink, Black/Grey
  • Bag Size: Approx 27 x 38cm
  • Style: Laptop Backpack
  • Open/close type: Zipper
  • 3 big compartment
  • 2 zip compartment.
  • 3 slotted compartment.
  • outside 1 zip dgn 1 velcro compartment.
  • *Adjusting down their waist, so athletic center and spine alignment.
  • *With fastener firmly wrapped around the lower part of the pelvis (the pelvis of the projections place the
  • following)
  • *With fastener wound portion below the navel, allowed to easily support.
  • *Finally fastener gently winding unwrapping wrapped body.
  • *Super Elastic & Adjustable:Size Large can go up to 47.24 inches waist and size XL can go up to 51.18 inches waist.You will be able to wear this belly brace throughout your entire pregnancy.
  • *Easy to wear: Take on and off on yourself in few seconds and fully adjustable to your comfort level with the sticky strap.
  • *Helps ease the pain and discomfort of pregnancy:The elastic belly wrap helps pregnant women experiencing hip, lower back and pelvic girdle pain, bladder pressure, separation of the abdominal muscles, and sacroiliac dysfunction.
  • *Durable support:The soft and breathable pregnancy belt supports your growing baby bump, by providing the needed gentle support for your waist and abdominal area.Cradles your baby and promotes proper posture and balance, while allowing you to continue your active lifestyle, like walking, running, yoga, etc.
  • *Great relief: Helps reduce the risk of stretch marks by providing gentle support to the uterus,supporting weak abdominal muscles during pregnancy and even post-pregnancy, reduces the likelihood of uterine prolapse, ideal for both prenatal and postpartum pregnancy bellies.
  • * Koleksi Kurung Syurga menggunakan material Original High Quality PolyCotton Batik x Gold Emboss (BERBEZA DARI ENGLISH COTTON YANG KERAS)
  • Ironless & Tak mudah renyuk
  • Kain sejuk dan selesa
  • * Nilai tambah kepada koleksi ini motif batik (printed) yang sangat cantik dan “in” dengan trend fesyen terkini..
  • * Berpotongan kurung biasa yang santun, labuh dan longgar.
  • * Mesra wudhu (hujung lengan lepas/loose).
  • * Sesuai digayakan ke pejabat, sekolah, majlis rasmi, kenduri mahupun keraian.
  • * Jaminan jahitan yang kemas dan berkualiti demi kepuasan anda. Hadir dalam saiz S hingga XXL dengan 7 warna dan corak yang cukup menawan hati. Untuk makluman, stok semakin terhad ya.
  • kain jenis viscous cotton
  • selesa bila dipakai
  • Wudhu friendly
  • kain mudah iron
  • kain sejuk bila dipakai
  • ada zip yang boleh adjust bahagian bawah baju
  • Target tummy, hips and midriff
  • Lift the bottocks and chests, flattern the tummy, waist and back
  • Soft cups and center ruching for bust shaping
  • The all day comfort is achieved with Cotton,Mlan Lun and 5%Spandex 
  • Seamless sides provide a smooth look under any clothes
  • Size M : Suitable Waist 50cm > 64cm (Length Of Clothing 50cm)
  • Size L : Suitable Waist 66cm > 76cm  (Length Of Clothing 52cm)


  •  Adopt high quality polyester material, high elastic and ultra-thin, soft to skin.
  •  High waist design helps to tighten your belly, beautify waist and belly line.
  • Featured with buttock wrapping buttock line, comfortable without mark, more effective to raise hip curve.
  • Adjustable 3 row 9 buckles design suits different needs, making it convenient to wear and take off.
  • Suitable for postpartum women and women who want beautify their abdomen line and hip curves.

Queen Size Description:

- Size : 178cm X 229cm (70' X 90')

- 100% Cotton

- Soft and Luxurious

- Color : Random

- Always use in bedroom, airplanes and hospital

- Hot and Comfort

- Packing: 1 x thermal blanket

  • Bra Magnet
  • *Fantastic for traveling, storage at home or taking to the gym
  • *Keeps your padded bras in shape
  • *Keeps your bras discreetly packed
  • *Zipper bag away from dust-proof
  • *Protect your bras from crimping, crushing and creasing while you travel with this stylish kit
  • * Silicone material, applied to the skin, adhesive design, not easy to slide, concentrated breast
  • * Translucent design, don't worry about it!
  • * The wavy design of the underarm area concentrates the flesh on the side of the chest to the front.
  • *Beautiful chest type, wearing a cute little, V-neck sexy clothes, don't worry about not being able to hold up
  •  *How To Use
  • 1. Please confirm the left and right sides first and stick it on the inside of the bra.
  • 2. After you stick it, wear the bra well.
  • *Size: One size (suitable weight 45kh to 85kg)
  • *Material: 95% Recycled fiber, 5% spandex
  • Introduction: high performance active carbon deodorant package, moisture, air purification, activated carbon has a strong adsorption effect,
  • can deodorization moisture proof, firmly adsorption and lock air formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful gases, acid alkali neutralization, release negative ions,
  • thoroughly clean the home environment, bring the fresh air.
  • SINGLE 2IN1 ( 1 Cadar fitted single hujung bergetah dan 1 sarung bantal )
  • material blend cotton + polyster
  • cadar ni warna cantik2 seperti gambar dan sedikit nipis, jika nak tebal boleh beli cadar patchwork ada juga dijual di lain pos, harga jual jauh murah dari harga pasaran untuk golongan biasa2 seperti saya.
  • jika ada sebarang masalah boleh chat dengan kami .

✅Material : High Quality Cotton

✅* Sejuk, selesa, eksklusif, tahan lasak, boleh dibasuh mesin, Tak berbulu, jahitan yang kemas dan paling best ANTI KEDUT*

✅Design : Patchwork & Fitted

✅2 pcs pillow cover

✅1 cadar fitted (ada getah di bawah)

✅1 Beg Cadar Hilton Eksklusif

✅Size Queen

  • 100% kain cotton
  • 800 thread count
  • material sejuk dan selesa
  • single fitted bedsheet(2in1)
  • saiz:

       -fitted bedsheet = 95cm x 195cm x 15cm
       -pillow case = 50cm x 70cm

  •  Material: 100% cotton
  •  Jaminan cadar yang sesangat tebalnya
  •  Kain jenis sejuk & tidak berbulu
  •  Senang dibasuh menggunakan mesin
  •  Warna kain tidak mudah luntur dan pudar - sangat sesuai dijadikan cadar pengantin ,
  • 100% kain cotton
  • 800 thread count
  • material sejuk dan selesa
  • single fitted bedsheet(2in1)
  • saiz:

       -fitted bedsheet = 95cm x 195cm x 15cm
       -pillow case = 50cm x 70cm



- Cadar cartoon Patchwork cartoon Set 3 IN 1 [ SINGLE ] 
- ✔1 pcs Cadar Patchwork SINGLE Size :190cm x 150cm
- ✔2 pc Sarung Bantal Ukuran : 20 x 70cm
- ✔Material: 80% cotton , 20% Polyester
- ✔ Jaminan cadar yang sesangat tebalnya
- ✔ Kain jenis sejuk & tidak berbulu
- ✔ Senang dibasuh menggunakan mesin
- ✘ Warna kain tidak mudah luntur dan pudar